I am a writer, an author, a daydreamer, a Mom. I believe in gut feelings and signs that the world presents. I don't like strict rules, and I guess I could be called a modern day hippie. I love with all that I am. I am loyal to a fault, passionate about those things that are near my heart like autism and the elderly. I give too many chances, and yet I have no regrets.

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I am nobody. I have no celebrity status other than possibly being known locally as the one who taped her pants in high school, or the bait shop girl. I am not wealthy.At times, I'm clueless.
I have taken many pages of mental notes and learned on my journey as a mother, friend, daughter, and, ultimately, a human being, that this chaotic world we live in is about the little things.
Moments, experiences, and priceless joys that we all share make us our own Unique Nobody.
Life can swirl by us pretty fast.

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In the pages of this book you will find a series of topics and emotions that all of us have faced in our lives, some are very serious and some are things that bring simple joy. The Random Society is open to all who wish to seek insight and empowerment. 
A guide to living in a positive, but quirky way! 
Please come on in and become a member, everyone is welcome, and in doing so you will be opened up to see the world and all of its wonders in a new light.

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One of my most touching reminisces is one that includes a pair of humble shoes, that not only saw lots of wear, but also kindness, giving, and selflessness; and in turn, the recognition of my spirit which influences every choice, every decision, and every move that I make. 
Sole Establishment was written to make you dig down deep, search within yourself, and to make you reflect upon what has formed you into who you are. 

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The Tree is a journey. A travel through life written in poetic form. The highs, lows, and attempts to emerge from the valleys that overshadow our voyage. The contents before this publication had been stored away,bottled up and safe. Before the passing of my Mother, I never would allow anyone a glimpse of this side of me. She urged me to send my prose out into the world and let someone grow and form their own root system from what she called "Her Tree", me. I at long last gained the courage to release my poetry in hopes that I will show you my roots,give you shade and a limb to cling to when the wind and elements rage.