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31 Kid friendly Halloween stories in 31 days…begins Oct. 1st  Every day a NEW story. Yesterdays story is available on  Apostrophes

31 Kid friendly Halloween stories in 31 days…begins Oct. 1st

Every day a NEW story. Yesterdays story is available on Apostrophes


The Pumpkin Pixie Earns Her Wings


 Penny jumped up and down in five minutes it would be 12:01 a.m. on the first of October. She would begin a journey that forever changed her life. A chance to earn her wings would start in five minutes.

She let out a little squee of pleasure. Four minutes, now there were only four minutes left. She watched the clock. Never looking away as the time ticked down.

Three, two, one the minutes ticked down. Finally! It was time. Grabbing her backpack she slung it over one shoulder before flinging her front door up, Penny took a running leap sliding down the leaves in front of her acorn home.

She slid to the ground with a giggle landing in a puddle of laid frost. Her nose grew pink in the coldness making her laugh.  A glint off to her left let her know the frost faeries were still in the area.

More laughter bubbled up from inside as she watched the silvery white faeries wing their way across the landscape. Everywhere they touched became covered in a light frost. Not just any frost, this was the first frost of fall. Elder Fae and Mother Nature infused the first frost with fall magic.

Magic Penny would use to find the perfect pumpkin patch. To earn her wings… OH?! You didn’t know Penny was a fairy. Allow me to explain. Penny is a pumpkin fairy, who is trying to earn her wings. Every pumpkin fairy on their thirteenth fall would attend a pumpkin patch.

Their job was to gather enough magic from the first frost of fall to grow the pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns to be used on Halloween night. Children and adults alike would gather the jack-o'-lanterns to use for light as they went trick-or-treating, dancing and attending the festival in the town square.

All the lights in Halloween Hideaway would be extinguished that night. The town and countryside fully lit with the jack-o'-lanterns grown by the pumpkin faeries. If your jack-o'-lanterns glowed until just before the morning light, BAM you earn your wings.

Penny the pumpkin faerie wanted nothing as much as she wanted her wings. She wanted make her family proud earning her wings her first time out, like those before her for a hundred generations before.

Penny sat her bag down on the ground taking out tools and glass jars, setting on them on ground beside. Once everything was ready she walked about the country side gathering fall magic from the frost.

Humming as she walked stopping only long enough to place a full jar of magic into her backpack. The sky turned from midnight to deep blue when Penny spotted the perfect pumpkin patch. She skipped to the edge checking carefully for another faerie’s mark. Penny jumped with glee, the patch was unmarked.

Placing the backpack on the ground once again she took out what looked like a long nail and a shiny orange hammer.  Kneeling on the ground she drove the nail into the earth just as the first ray of light hit.

Sunlight spilled across the land hitting each pumpkin faerie’s nail sending beams of multi-color light invisible to the human eye. She wiped a hand across her bleary eyes; she was tried. The big pumpkin the middle had leaves big enough to make into a nice soft bed.

Days bled into weeks. Each night from dusk until dawn Penny tended her pumpkin patch. She sang to them rubbing their leaves with special oils to keep the insect from nibbling on them. Mixing up the magic with midnight dew to feed the pumpkins.

Finally! It was Halloween. The sun was slipping from the sky. Penny danced back and forth from one foot to another in anticipation. The first star peeked through the darken clouds sending sparkling light all around her patch. The pumpkins moved. They shook. They wiggled. They began to jump up and down. One by one they opened their eyes broad smiles on their faces.

 Penny heard footsteps. She quickly hurried behind a tree taking care no one saw her as she scrambled behind its protective bark blending as best she could. Hand over her mouth in case she became overly excited she peered around watching her jack-o'-lanterns leave their patch one by one.

Penny waited until the last pumpkin was gone. She wanted to head to the town square for the festivities, but first she’d take a small nap. Just a few minutes to rest.  A rustling beneath her woke her up. Sitting up she saw the night sky giving way to the break of day.

Her jack-o'-lantern glowed softly as the darkness faded. The rustling turned into a flutter. Her wings! Penny the pumpkin fairy got her wings!